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Nov 13, 2012 6:00am PST
in a draft folder. >> i would be caught i'm so technologically impaired. >> over g mail. >> i want you to stay on this with your cat-like reflexes all morning. >> i do have other news. >> stephanie: oh okay. >> i'll come back to this. >> oh we're coming back to this. >> stephanie: little news mynx. >> there is so much wrong with this story. >> stephanie: the point is we're helpers, jim, as you know. a lot of people hurting on the right, we just want skeeter and friends to know that it gets better. >> history turns the page, you know i know, we all know a skeeter. obama derangement syndrome reaches all segments of society. rich and poor, young and old everyone can be a skeeter. sufferers of obama derangement sinsyndrome only have to remember three words. >> it's gets better. >> for those who are unable to distinguish between skeeter and reality. help skeeter. help bubba, help karl rove. a delusional mind is a certainly thing to waste. [applause] >> stephanie: jim ward accurately said. >> written by yahoos. >> stephanie: it is aptly named. oh can i life can be unpredictable. ask general
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am PST
's the program that we mentioned last week on the show, the big technological advance get out the vote project, and it failed miserableably on several different levels. >> stephanie: right. it's harpooned on a beach. >> giant whale yes. >> stephanie: we have something like that and it's called nate silver. >> and he worked yeah. good morning, everybody, seven navy seals are being disciplined for giving classified information to video game maker electronic art. the seven are members of sale team six known for killing osama bin laden. the seals worked as paid consult acts help them develop the game medal of honor war fighter. it does show other realistic ops garnered from classified information, and while the specifics are not entirely clear, their participation does also violate the unwritten but undercode that seals are supposed to be stealth warriors. the seven have gotten letters of reprimand which wipes out their chance for promotion. there are others that are also under investigation. bradley manning is offering to plead guilty to lesser charges for giving class
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2